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Sentient Stones Solo Exhibition with Corinne Peterson

This exhibition runs May 7 -July 19 at Gallery 180 located in downtown Chicago at 180 North Wabash.

Corinne Peterson, Walled Interior

“…art making is a force for exploring connections: between past and present, between opposing forces of nature, between intellect and subconscious, and between myself and clay.

I draw inspiration from architectural and natural structures, such as the ancient standing stones I’ve seen in France and England. As I sculpt the clay, I attempt to be open to the universal forces behind their existence. I do this in an effort to understand how such forces shape contemporary experience. My sculptures with openings to the inside give me an opportunity to contemplate complexities of interior life in contrast to the outer form.

Nature has always been a primary source of pleasure in my life. Working with clay connects me to my early roots of growing up on a Minnesota farm. Cracks, fissures, scars and pools of glaze are all part of my personal artistic vocabulary. The colors I use come primarily from rocks, leaves, and other bits of nature I’ve collected and studied since childhood. I use layers of color and often fill the cracks with dark tones for a sense of age. I intend for each work to expose the evidence of its own history, much as people reveal an accumulation of their experiences.”

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